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About Our Chiropractic Clinic

Rather than relying on medication to treat your pain, depend on chiropractic care as a non-invasive, alternative treatment to help improve your overall health. Here at Advanced Chiropractic in Klamath Falls, we offer many exceptional services focused on your specific needs. We have a chiropractor who can treat conditions, prevent injury, and help you reach optimal physical and mental health. We have what it takes to help you reach your health goals and get you on track to a healthier life. Keep reading to find out more information about our chiropractor, services offered, and conditions we treat. 

About Our Chiropractic Clinic

Our Goals are Your Goals

Advancing your health day by day.

1) Diagnose your problem: The doctor will sit down with you one on one to do a medical history and physical exam. Then explain to you what your diagnoses is and make sure you understand. 

2) Decrease your pain: Every person is unique and needs a different treatment plan. The doctor will explain to you your personalized treatment plan to decrease your pain and get you closer to your goals. 

3)Prevent your pain: We want you to live your life pain free and advance your health to the next level. 

We’re Here for You!

Here at Advanced Chiropractic in Klamath Falls, YOU are always our top priority. Once you stop by for a visit, we’ll sit down with you, talk about your medical history, and tell you all about the amazing solutions we have to offer. Furthermore, we always treat our patients like family. For back pain or improvement in your health, make an appointment with us today at 541-273-5433.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I've been going to Dr. Yewchuck for many years. He's always been able to get my stubborn neck and back aligned every time when other Chiropractors can't. I would trust Dr. James any time when it comes to my Chiropractic needs. He adjusted my neck 2 days after having surgery and was very careful getting me on and off the adjustment table. I now live in the Rogue Valley and anytime I'm in Klamath Falls and need an adjustment his office staff always gets me in within minutes of going to the office. Dr. James and his staff are very professional and caring about your individual needs. Can't wait to use his new equipment! I would recommend Advance Chiropractor to anyone."
    Denise Alder Walker
  • "I don't know where I'd be if it hadn't been for James and his staff.....After a fatal MVA, he was able to find the injuries that neither the ER nor our doctor could at the time. He efficiently and effectively planned a course of action that got me back on the path of recovery. He's compassionate...he has knowledgeable, professional, and friendly staff. I'm proud to know him and the gals in his office.... He can certainly help you...I have no doubts about that."
    Lynn Tanner

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