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Physical Therapy

The chiropractic professionals at Advanced Chiropractic in Klamath Falls, Oregon, are trained and experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, disorders, and injuries. Using the art and science of physical therapy, your chiropractor can provide effective treatment for the reduction of symptoms, relief from pain, and the restoration of strength and mobility after an injury, or illness.


Chiropractic Physical Therapy Services

Traditional physical therapy consists of a regimen of strength, mobility, and dexterity training similar in some ways to athletic conditioning. It is similar to sports training insofar as it is about gradually and progressively improving strength, endurance, flexibility, and agility. Unlike ordinary athletic training, however, physical therapy is designed to help the patient to recover from mobility reducing the effects of an illness or injury.

Often times a physical therapist can work alone or with the cooperation of a chiropractic professional. Many chiropractic professionals are also trained in the art and science of physical therapy. Here at Advanced Chiropractic in Klamath Falls, OR- our professional chiropractic practitioners are trained not only in the musculoskeletal treatments that fall under the rubric of chiropractic care- but also in the art and science of physical therapy.

Chiropractic medicine is an ideal companion to physical therapy since both are concerned with the health and functionality of bones, muscles, tendons, connective, and tissues, as well as the circulatory system that fuels and supports them. 

Our Chiropractic Physical Therapy Supportive Tools and Techniques include:

  • Massage Therapy: Far from a recreational luxury exclusive to spas, massage therapy is of great importance in maintaining flexibility and circulation- which are key to good musculoskeletal health. 
  • Sports Injury Treatment: Every athlete will incur an injury during the course of their sports career. Sports injury treatment helps reduce the severity of the injury and is an effective way to treat injuries after they are incurred. 
  • Auto Accident Treatment: Neck and spinal injuries and conditions after an automobile accident are common. Chiropractic and physical therapy treatments are an ideal way to restore strength and function after an accident. 
  • Nutritional Counseling: No biological system can be healthy and well without proper nutrition. Likewise, no injury or illness can be fully recovered from without proper nutritional guidance. 
  • Spinal Decompression: A proven, safe, and non-invasive treatment for many conditions related to the spine, organs, and the total musculoskeletal system- spinal decompression allows circulation to enter into tissues that are normally compressed for optimal healing.

Advanced Chiropractic in Klamath Falls, OR

To learn more about the natural companions that are Physical Therapy and Chiropractic medicine, get in touch with Advanced Chiropractic in Klamath Falls, OR today. Our caring professionals are ready to answer your important questions and schedule your initial consultation. 


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I've been going to Dr. Yewchuck for many years. He's always been able to get my stubborn neck and back aligned every time when other Chiropractors can't. I would trust Dr. James any time when it comes to my Chiropractic needs. He adjusted my neck 2 days after having surgery and was very careful getting me on and off the adjustment table. I now live in the Rogue Valley and anytime I'm in Klamath Falls and need an adjustment his office staff always gets me in within minutes of going to the office. Dr. James and his staff are very professional and caring about your individual needs. Can't wait to use his new equipment! I would recommend Advance Chiropractor to anyone."
    Denise Alder Walker
  • "I don't know where I'd be if it hadn't been for James and his staff.....After a fatal MVA, he was able to find the injuries that neither the ER nor our doctor could at the time. He efficiently and effectively planned a course of action that got me back on the path of recovery. He's compassionate...he has knowledgeable, professional, and friendly staff. I'm proud to know him and the gals in his office.... He can certainly help you...I have no doubts about that."
    Lynn Tanner

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