Herniated discs

Herniated Disc Treatment at Advanced Chiropractic

So, you go to bend over and Bam! Shooting back pain out of nowhere. Sound familiar? It could be a herniated disc. Also referred to as a bulging disc, ruptured disc, or slipped disc, these occur when the cushioned discs we have in our spine slip out-of-place, resulting in increasing back pain. Contact Dr. James Yewchuk of Advanced Chiropractic in Klamath Falls, OR, right away. The earlier you get treatment the less long-term effects are experienced.


How Herniated Discs Happen

Herniated discs can happen either in one of two ways: a strain or injury causes a piece of the disc nucleus to push out into the spinal canal, or just by aging. Our bodies wear down as we get older, making it easier for things to slip out-of-place. Performing the simplest movement as bending, twisting, or just standing up can lead to jolts of agonizing pain.

Symptoms and Signs

Back pain is a common sign, but signs and symptoms depend on where the actual herniated disc is. The size of it, meaning how much of the disc has protruded out into the spinal canal, is also a factor. The symptoms also differ in severity depending on whether the disc is pressing on a nerve or not. If so, the pain may be accompanied by tingling, numbness, or weakness on the side of the body where the aggravated nerve is located. Take a look at the location and their signs and symptoms.

Lower Back (Lumbar)


  • Sciatica/Radiculopathy: where the disc is hitting on the sciatic nerve, which causes sciatic nerve pain. If you possess this, you likely have a herniated disc.

Upper Back/Neck (Cervical)


  • Cervical radiculopathy: sharp or dull pain is experienced in the neck. It may move down into the shoulders in between the shoulder blades, where it radiates into the arms and fingers. This is accompanied by tingling and numbness in the extremities.

Trying Chiropractic Treatment

In Klamath Falls, OR, we at Advanced Chiropractic know the benefited results that chiropractic treatment has. We provide non-evasive therapies to encourage your own body to heal itself, including massage therapy. Come see for yourself, call or visit to get assessed. Find out how seeing a chiropractor can benefit you today. Schedule an appointment with Dr. James Yewchuk by calling 541-273-5433!


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  • "I've been going to Dr. Yewchuck for many years. He's always been able to get my stubborn neck and back aligned every time when other Chiropractors can't. I would trust Dr. James any time when it comes to my Chiropractic needs. He adjusted my neck 2 days after having surgery and was very careful getting me on and off the adjustment table. I now live in the Rogue Valley and anytime I'm in Klamath Falls and need an adjustment his office staff always gets me in within minutes of going to the office. Dr. James and his staff are very professional and caring about your individual needs. Can't wait to use his new equipment! I would recommend Advance Chiropractor to anyone."
    Denise Alder Walker
  • "I don't know where I'd be if it hadn't been for James and his staff.....After a fatal MVA, he was able to find the injuries that neither the ER nor our doctor could at the time. He efficiently and effectively planned a course of action that got me back on the path of recovery. He's compassionate...he has knowledgeable, professional, and friendly staff. I'm proud to know him and the gals in his office.... He can certainly help you...I have no doubts about that."
    Lynn Tanner

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